Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SOAR Update

A few of you have asked about the status of my application to the SOAR scholarship program, and I should have posted something sooner. Please forgive me! I found out the day before my birthday that three lovely ladies other than myself were selected. I'm sure that the recipients will blow us away this year with their growth - I can't wait to see their blogs!

As I said in my video and in my first posting, I plan to use this as an outlet for following the SOAR exercises. They just kicked off and we have a teleconference on February 18th. So even though over 100 ladies weren't selected for the scholarship, Me Ra and her team are keeping us included!

A couple weekends ago, my friends Mike and Robin were married. Aside from their wedding being one of the most joyous I have attended in years, it was special to me because I was able to meet one of last year's SOAR winners, Jen Armstrong! She and her husband were Mike and Robin's photographers and from what I could tell, they're going to be very happy with their portraits.

After the wedding, and without my knowledge, my sweet hubby wrote Jen a series of emails asking for input and ordered me Me Ra's instructional videos. He's already been so supportive of me and I can't wait to see what we can accomplish together.

Also, a few weeks my friend and office neighbor, Connie, needed a "professional headshot" and was told that I could do that... So I did! It turned out great, I think. What do you think?

I have another blog update in the works, and since I'll be home with a sick kiddo tomorrow, I plan to get some more work done! See you soon!


  1. Yes ma'am! I think it turned out great!!! I love that it's professional and still very natural...love the greenery behind her. I LOVED getting to meet you at Mike and Robin's wedding. Hoping one day we can meet again in person : ) Great job, Heather! Hope your baby gets better quickly!

  2. Great Portrait! Can you post the deets... was it all natural lighting, any reflectors, what camera body, lens, aperture, speed...

    I have been checking your blog at least once a week waiting for the updates. Also kudos to Matt for instructional videos...

    Beautiful work Heather, keep at it!

  3. Hi Forrest! Yes, I'll post a recipe soon and other deets like location and why I picked it out. I need to hop back on our "big" computer to check my settings. Thanks for following! Love you guys!