Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Mommy School" is Open and Accepting Enrollment...

It is 10:35pm. Spencer is still awake. He is so excited about "Mommy School," as he has named it, that he might end up sleeping in on the first day if he doesn't hurry up and go to sleep!

After a crippling mix of relief, anxiety and grief, I have quit my job. To stay at home. To pursue... something. It's funny, because everyone expects that that something is photography as a career. And maybe it is? I think I said in my resignation, "to stay at home with my boys and work on photography" and the telephone game turned that into "pursuing photography part-time," and then, "bravely starting her career in photography" or something like that. The City Manager even included in his speech at my send-off party his approval of my pursuing "my obvious talent" and said he was envious of my ability to do it (quitting my job to pursue a passion). I'm really appreciative of those apparent votes of confidence, because quitting my job ranks up VERY high in the Top 10 Hardest Things I've Faced In My Life List. But, I'll be working very hard to use these next few months to find what's right for me, next. I have to recognize that what's right for me next may not always be what's right for me always. But, I'm really looking forward to trying some things out.

The most important thing is having more quality time with my boys. I am so looking forward to these next few months with them. The Mommy School syllabus is pretty simple: each week we'll discover food and activities that begin with a new letter of the alphabet (thanks, Heather Garcia, for doing this with Cameron before), with a side of healthy eating and exercise. Game playing, book reading, house tidying will all make an appearance. As will TV watching, in moderation. When Cameron starts First grade in two weeks, Spencer and I will walk him to school and pick him up the same way, weather permitting. I'd much rather sweat a little or get rained on (hopefully soon!) over the 2 blocks than idle my Suburban on Walnut Avenue for 15-30 minutes twice a day. After we get back home, Spencer and I will have all day to lounge and do nothing. Oh, wait. Hmmmm.

I do hope to fit in some me-time in the schedule. Time to visit with my sister again, and friends who I don't see from work or church enough. Time to work on turning my hobby into a business. Time to take a class or two, or maybe do some contract work. Time to prepare for an epic journey with two of my best friends next May. Time to volunteer, to serve my community in a different way than before.

I was lucky to have a good dose of me-time this past weekend. Three of my friends and I participated in a photo safari/scavenger hunt around town that raised funds for rebuilding bridges in Landa Park. 2011 Gruene Lions Club Safari on Facebook Here's my favorite photo of my team, The Amazon 4. We really got into it! Too bad there weren't points awarded for style, because we brought it.

This was taken by my friend and fellow photography hobbyist, Jim Collier. (hope you don't mind me using this here, Jim)

Anyway, I've taken my time writing this and can definitely hear the sweet, soft snores coming from the bottom bunk of the boys' room. Here's to a great first day of Mommy School! Thanks for reading.

Love, Heather

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  1. Do I like being the first comment for the fact that it makes first? And therefore best? That is what that means, right? Pretty sure that's what that means...

    Proud of you dude. Any life worth living takes courage. You have courage.

  2. Yes, first is best. You win... 8 days after I posted, so thanks for racing to be first... (just kidding)

    Actually, thanks Lauren, for your support. A girl needs friends like you.